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The 3 things Realtors should spend 80% of time on.

Stop Getting caught doing the busy work.  These three things will make you the most money. Period.       Track the Lead is a real estate CRM system along the lines of top producer, realty juggler, salesforce, all clients, market leader, zoho and many others. It may be true that many of these have […]

How to Manage Leads with your Real Estate CRM

Good Morning! Would you like to know how to make your Real Estate CRM more manageable? Well if so, stay tuned. I’m going to go through my rules for using my CRM. I am a real estate broker and Trainer with Exit Realty in San Antonio. Working with Realtors I find that many get lost […]

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Very simple Real Estate CRM

We asked a few users of their experience with  Here is what they had to say: Valerie Wiliamson, Realtor San Antonio.  ” I like that I was able to understand the data base, and use it quickly.  It is pretty straight forward.  The database I was using was o.k.  but not nearly as simple.” […]

Conversation with an Agent

I had an interesting conversation with a new user of Track The Lead yesterday about how she will use the Real Estate CRM. She had some goals that she was trying to accomplish, and was trying to fit Track The Lead into her plan. We actually spent 45 minutes on the phone, not because I […]

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Choosing the Best Real Estate CRM

Whether you’re a new Realtor who’s looking for a way to manage all your new contacts, or a seasoned vet who’s fed up with your current system, having a good customer relationship management (CRM) solution is crucial in today’s market. Here are a few tips for sifting through all the options to find the best CRM […]

Real Estate Databases are Difficult!

You hear it time and time again, “Real estate database are difficult”. What is the one thing you need to do in real estate to be successful? Lead Generation? No. In today’s real estate world obtaining leads is easy. If you have a hundred dollars, you can buy leads. Your broker will give you leads. […]