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How to Rank your Webpage on Google

  How To Rank your Real Estate blog on Google In my previous blogs we have talked about the following titles: Should I do a Real Estate Blog 4 things to consider when doing your Real Estate Blog How to Format your Real Estate Blog You can click on the links and go back and […]

How to structure blog

How To Format Your Real Estate Blog

Simple Real Estate Blog Structure for Lead Generation This is part 3 in the Real Estate Blogging Series. In the last blog we went over the 4 principles to consider before you blog. Now that you know which niche area you want to generate leads from, lets talk about how to structure the blog so […]

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4 Things to Consider for Your Real Estate Blog

Real Estate Blog Rules This is the second in a multi part series on real estate blogging.  Go here to see the introduction:  Intro to real estate blogging. Before you start blogging, take some serious time to determine who your target audience is going to be.  Which niche do you want to receive leads from. […]

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Follow Up Email Works

A Quick Note on a Follow Up Response   Good Evening.  I just wanted to show you an email I received earlier from a prospect of mine.  I met this person about six months ago.  I went over there credit report with them and found they just needed a few points in order to qualify […]

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Should I do a Real Estate Blog?

Using a Real Estate Blog for Generating Leads I am often asked by real estate agents I am training, “Does Blogging work?”  Well the simple answer is yes, it does work.  Then I ask them how long before they think they will receive leads from blogging.  The answer here varies, but is usually way too […]


Happy 2015 Everyone!

Let’s go out there and sell some real estate! Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and advice on Real Estate Sales, CRM, technology and everything in between.

Ironman. IronRealtor

Ironman, IronRealtor   I had the priviledge to attend an Ironman event in Couer D’alene Idaho this past week. By the way, the most beautiful Place I have ever been. My brother Victor was participating. Victor had been training for this Ironman for a year.   FYI, an Ironman is a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile […]

How to Manage Leads with your Real Estate CRM part 2

Welcome Back! Here is the second installation of how to manage your leads with your Real Estate CRM. Keep in mind these are my opinions and what has worked for me. Take all, part or none of my advice. It is up to you. Let’s review the first two rules Discussed in the last blog: […]

How to Manage Leads with your Real Estate CRM

Good Morning! Would you like to know how to make your Real Estate CRM more manageable? Well if so, stay tuned. I’m going to go through my rules for using my CRM. I am a real estate broker and Trainer with Exit Realty in San Antonio. Working with Realtors I find that many get lost […]

Welcome to Track The Lead

The world best, economical, easy to use system to help you manage your clients, get more leads, and help you make more money! Keep up with our blog for tips, tricks, and advice on how to take you business to the next level.