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A Quick Note on a Follow Up Response


Good Evening.  I just wanted to show you an email I received earlier from a prospect of mine.  I met this person about six months ago.  I went over there credit report with them and found they just needed a few points in order to qualify FHA.  They had very little credit so obtaining a secured credit card with a $300 limit and keeping a $10 balance was all they needed to do.

I left it in there hands and they went out and did exactly what I told them.  Through my database,, I have sent them out an email every month asking how everything is and if there is anything I can do.  I also call them every other month.  Well, today, after 6 months, I got this email reply.

” Hello jhonny your probably too busy with other customers, but I have. A quick question, can we start house hunting already,?? I know we are just waiting on our income to put the down payment, I had that question on my mind when u first emailed me, ok let me know when you can , or if its ok to go to your office on tuesday, thank you, sally!”

Over the last 6 months it took me about 10 minutes of follow up total.  They are buying an $80,000 home, and they will be very easy clients to work with.  This follow up is going to go towards my families vacation package for this summer.

Not all the closings you get will be expensive homes.  The ones I remember most are the young families just starting out, like these folks.  Every closing gets me closer to my goal!

So keep on following up.  And may your closings be plentiful.

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